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Time Recruitment

Time Recruitment is a leading independent recruitment company with offices in Manchester, London and Birmingham.

The Challenge

Time Recruitment wanted an original piece of content marketing to push brand awareness and build links online. The aim was to create a piece of content that would be popular in the media and press as well as with Time’s online audience. This meant that the content would need to be entertaining and engaging enough to encourage link shares on social media.

Our Objectives

  • To create a unique piece of shareable content in order to increase brand awareness
  • To promote the unique content using social media and link building

Services Required

  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Link Building

What We Did

We designed and developed a spoof job website using made up job profiles of deceased characters from Game of Thrones. At the time, Game of Thrones was a popular trend both in the media and online, with a large audience watching each week. By creating a job site, we tapped into the trend by appealing to a wide audience who would find the site funny and easily shareable.

As the series progressed – and more characters died – the content marketing team created content to keep up-to-date with the programme’s developments. Publishing the content was time sensitive and we aimed to post each job as quickly as possible to ensure maximum reach while the topic was trending on Twitter.

We planned and executed an outreach plan using link building and social media, including organic posting and a refined ad campaign to maximise results and achieve our objectives. In particular, we outreached to online publications like Mashable and from there, other publications found and reported the story.

The Results

  • 75,000 page views over 4 months
  • 1.16m estimated coverage views
  • 78,900 social shares


With the original combination of the popular Game of Thrones trend and our client’s service, the site was incredibly popular and gained substantial coverage from news sites like and Marie Claire to name a few. The site was also covered internationally on the New York Daily News and Grazia (France) websites.

The volume of social sharing and coverage meant that the site gained 60 quality links in the first month of outreach and the site still ranks on the first page of Google for the key term ‘Game of Thrones jobs’.

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